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Take the next step on your trading journey and work toward achieving your goals with our professional training courses.


Pro Zone Trader - £141 (£199.99 After Sale Ends) - Unlimited Access, Including ALL Future Updates

Learn to Day Trade Like a Professional

5 Minute Time Frame

These are the exact same methods used by Decisive Trading founder James Orr, allowing him to trade full time. The course will teach you how to day trade Indexes, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. We teach price action, which enables you to ‘read’ markets and allows you to trade what you want to trade.

These trading methods are displayed on our YouTube channel and the videos are updated weekly, giving you the peace of mind that what we teach, we trade. Our latest Zone Trader videos can also be seen HERE.

The Zone Trader trading plan is outlined step by step and in great detail, allowing you to follow along and learn the methods at your own pace. You also have unlimited access to the training course, meaning you can run through it as often as you like and refer back to the material whenever needed.

Pro Trend Trader - £141 (£199.99 After Sale Ends) - Unlimited Access, Including ALL Future Updates

Learn to Trade Like a Professional Alongside Your Full Time Employment

Focused on the Daily and 4 Hour Timeframe

In Pro Trend Trader, I teach you my high probability trend trading methods. These are the methods I use for longer term trading, with the focus being on the daily timeframe as well as the 4 hour timeframe. This means that the methods are perfect for trading alongside full time employment, and learning to earn an additional income source or manage your savings.

There is also a detailed section on trading shorter term trends, specifically on the 1 hour timeframe. This means that Pro Trend Trader can be more actively traded when you have the time.

The course is laid out in great detail, with the lectures taking you through everything step by step. You also have unlimited access to the course, meaning that you can learn at your own pace. The unlimited access also includes all future updates, meaning that as the methods evolve to keep pace with the markets, you will never find yourself left behind.

The Decisive Package - £188 - Unlimited Access Including ALL Future Updates

This course can be accessed completely free if you decide to go through the Decisive Package. AND it includes FREE unlimited access to Pro Zone Trader if you complete all steps by 31st January. By linking you with a broker, we remove the cost of purchasing a professional trading course from you and instead let you keep your money in your trading account. The broker then pays us and you get unlimited free access to the Decisive Package course and exclusive discounts on future Decisive Trading education you undertake.

Round Forex Trader - £72 (£99.99 After Sale Ends) - Lifetime Access

For Beginners – 1 Hour Time Frame

Decisive Trading will teach you step by step simple but profitable trading methods.

Specific to Forex pairs, this course will get you onto the charts and trading with confidence and a solid trading plan.

As a beginner, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with technical jargon and unnecessary indicators. Here at Decisive Trading, we pride ourselves on explaining everything as simply as possible.

Automatic Trading Candlestick Identification Software

Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator - Discounted With a Pro Course Purchase

This Indicator Will Detect the Highest Probability Candlestick Setups Automatically.

This candlestick identification software will automatically detect the highest probability entry setups and have been honed over hundreds of hours of trading.