Sign up to the Decisive Package and get UNLIMITED access to Pro Zone Trader or Pro Trend Trader (You choose which one you want) and The Decisive Package 1 Hour Strategy

Pro Zone Trader. The day trading methods James Orr uses to trade full time. These are the methods he displays on YouTube weekly. These methods can be used across all markets.

Pro Trend Trader. Higher timeframe trading, perfect for those who don’t have a lot of screen time. There is also a section on 1 hour trading strategies.

The Decisive Package. A unique course covering trading on the 1 hour timeframe.

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How do I Qualify

Step 1. Sign up for the Decisive Package and be given instant access to the Decisive Package seminar material. Run through it all. Learn. Take the test at the end. If you pass, you are able to move onto the remainder of the Decisive Package. Don’t pass? Review the material and then sit the test again. We want to make sure you grasp the basics before moving you onto a course.
Step 2. Use the unique link provided on your login to register with City Index, a UK based, fully FCA regulated broker. Unfortunately, we cannot accept North American students at present (but you guys get your own unique offer of buy one get one free on our pro courses and can still do the initial Decisive Package for free!)
Step 3. Decide that you are ready to move on with the Decisive Package. That you would prefer your money in your trading account, rather than having to pay hundreds for education and then fund your trading account anyway.
Step 4. Deposit £200 to your linked broker account… ‘Wait, I thought this was free?’ It is free. The money you deposit into your account does NOT come to us. It is still 100% your money, to do with as you please. The deposit is a requirement from City Index. Think about it – they do not want to pay money out if a trader doesn’t show the desire to trade.
Step 5. That's it!
Step 6. You now fully qualify. You get free unlimited access to Pro Zone Trader and the Decisive Package trading course, including any future updates. We can send you your physical certificate of completion. You also qualify for 50% discount on ANY future education you undertake with Decisive Trading, at any time you want.


  • The Decisive Package is aimed at anyone who is serious about learning to trade. The Decisive Package aims to teach you the foundations of trading, before moving you onto an in depth trading course. Because we take our responsibility seriously, and want to help beginners progress, there is a short test at the end of the seminar to let us know that you have a grasp of the fundamentals (If you do not pass first time, we will let you run through the seminars again and retake the test).
  • Anyone who is interested in receiving professional trading mentorship from one of the largest trading educators in the UK.
  • Prople who want access to trading courses after the seminars which focuses on everything from the 5 minute timeframe up to the daily timeframe and is designed to get you onto the charts and trading confidently.
  • Beginners who prefer their hard earned money in their own trading account, rather than in the pocket of an educator.


At Decisive Trading we offer FULL transparency. We love teaching people to trade and we are good at it, but we also operate as a business. Because Decisive Trading is now one of the largest trading channels in the UK and we have such a strong brand, we are able to sidestep you having to pay us.

By linking the Decisive Package with a fully FCA regulated, UK based broker (everyone needs a broker to trade anyway!), we are able to get paid by the broker.

That means you get over £1,000 of education from Decisive Trading and placed with a trustworthy, fully regulated broker. Decisive Trading then gets paid by the broker for bringing them a customer.

Basically, we make the broker pay for YOUR education!

Is there a Catch? This seems to Good to be true.?

No catch. The broker we place you with pays Decisive Trading. You do not need to give us anything at all.

You get FREE education worth over £1,000 and placed with an FCA regulated broker.

Decisive Trading receives emails all the time from students who are desperate to learn, but do not want to pay hundreds and thousands of pounds to receive professional education. As beginners, you want to get on the charts and trading. So, Decisive Trading worked very hard to find a way to make it possible… for free.

As a trader you need a broker.

As a trader you take trades with your broker.

But, with the Decisive Package, beginners do NOT need to pay for their education. Keep your money in your trading account, not in our wallet!


Decisive Trading was formed in 2015 by James Orr.

"I formed Decisive Trading with one simple aim - to provide high quality trading education. When I was learning to trade, I searched through YouTube, Trading Forums and bought every trading book I could get my hands on. I found that a lot of the information was useless and caused me huge setbacks. On top of that, I also spent thousands of pounds on 'professional' trading courses and to educators for mentorship. Again, for the most part, I found that it didn't help and often the advice was, quite simply, wrong. I decided to start Decisive Trading a few years later with a commitment to only providing the highest quality trading education.

Decisive Trading quickly grew to become one of the largest trading channels in the UK. I aim for a no nonsense approach, and I like to think that shines through and has helped Decisive Trading grow.

Over the years, I have worked with a lot of students. I never like to sit still. I am always trying to improve not merely my own trading, but also the way I teach and how I convey the information to students so I can make it easier for them.

One of the most common themes I come across is that people have a real interest and passion for learning to trade, but don't want to pay hundreds and thousands for education. They want to trade with their money, hopefully to their own benefit, rather than lining the pocket of an educator. And so, I came up with the Decisive Package.''

Always Learning. Always Improving.

Master Yourself. Master the Market.

Decisive Trading