At Decisive Trading we have one simple aim – to produce independent, successful Forex and Index traders.

We know that learning to trade effectively should be approached in the same way successful people approach learning anything new, and that is by seeking out the very best educational sources and then investing the time and effort required to achieve your goals.

Whether it be from our free educational videos on our supporting YouTube channel, the equivalent of which other trading companies charge thousands of pounds for, to our professional trading courses, everything we offer is of the highest quality. We only focus on relevant, useful and, most importantly, effective information.

Decisive Trading specialises in education for those who want to experience the fantastic opportunities Forex, Index and Crypto trading can offer.

Our focus is not only on continual improvement of our trading methods, but also in the way we teach. This is vitally important when learning to trade, because education and the way we convey trading knowledge is just as important for beginners as the methods themselves. I am sure you can all think back to an experience whereby a teacher, who fully understood what they were talking about, was still unable to convey the information to you in a simple and effective manner, and as such you struggled with the subject. By listening to feedback and working with our subscribers, Decisive Trading makes sure you always receive the best education possible.

We are also fully aware and transparent to the fact that trading carries with it an element of risk in regard to losses. We do not shy away from that fact and you will never hear us expressing trading as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, or something you can drop into and ‘experience financial freedom’ in a few short months. We hope that you have come to Decisive Trading because you are sick of hearing those types of unrealistic promises and are ready to focus and commit to becoming a professional trader, undertaking the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

Learning to trade is a lot of hard work and takes dedication, determination and a rigid focus on continual small, daily self-improvements. We want students who are unwavering in their determination to succeed. Our professional training courses and accompanying subscription services are designed and tailored to help you achieve those goals.

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How Can We Help?

By investing in your trading education and joining the Decisive Trading community, you are giving yourself the tools and knowledge to achieve your trading goals. We teach and show you only what you need to know, giving you simple yet effective trading plans with step-by-step instructions on how to implement them.

The training courses also come with unlimited, lifetime access, meaning you can learn at your own pace and refer back to them as often as you require.

Worried you will get left behind?

A purchase of one of our Pro Courses also includes access to any and all future updates. Because at Decisive Trading we trade what we teach (and we pride ourselves on that fact), our methods are continually evolving and adapting to keep pace with the ever-changing market. This allows you to be confident in the fact that you always have access to an up to date and effective trading plan.

Our accompanying subscription service for Pro Zone Trader also allows you to work alongside other Decisive Traders, including during the trading day, all the while being helped by Decisive Trading founder James Orr.


Pro Zone Trader

These are the exact same methods used by Decisive Trading founder James Orr, allowing him to trade full time. The course will teach you how to day trade on the 5 minute timeframe in Indexes, Forex and Crypto, meaning you have the freedom to trade the markets that suit you.

The accompanying subscription service, of which you get an entire month free with your course purchase, is designed to help you start trading. Market analysis is taken care of for you, trading zones are highlighted and Zone Trader is fully explained each day.

The course has gone through several major updates as James has adapted and improved his methods to suit an ever changing market.

Pro Trend Trader

In Pro Trend Trader, I teach you my high probability trend trading methods. These are the methods I use for longer term trading, with the focus being on the daily timeframe as well as the 4 hour timeframe. This means that the methods are perfect for trading alongside full time employment, and learning to earn an additional income source or manage your savings.

With additional 1 hour strategies in the course, it also allows you to trade more actively should you want to.

Round Forex Trader

Decisive Trading will teach you step by step simple but profitable trading methods. Specific to Forex pairs, this course will get you onto the charts and trading with confidence and a solid trading plan.

As a beginner, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with technical jargon and unnecessary indicators. Here at Decisive Trading, we pride ourselves on explaining everything as simply as possible.


Pro Zone Trader - £199 - Lifetime Access (Including ALL Future Updates)

Pro Trend Trader - £199 - Lifetime Access (Including ALL Future Updates)

Round Forex Trader - £72 - Lifetime Access

Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator - Discounted With a Pro Course Purchase



What I have found over the years of teaching people to trade, is that a large portion start out without a proper understanding of what they are doing and the instruments they are using. Without a solid foundation, it is much harder to build and work toward your trading goals.

Our FREE Introduction Course will help you learn the basics