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  • A student making back his previous losses using a Pro Decisive Trading training course.

    Peter Johnson
  • Oliver Studd
  • Although great hearing from student's making profit, what I enjoy even more is hearing from them as they begin to truly believe that trading can be a full time venture for them!  

    Carla and Guy
  • We now have our first competition winner. It's great to see students successfully implementing what we teach!  

    Anders D
  • Hi James. Yes trading is going very well. I took a trade this morning on the ftse and I think I might have had my first 8% month return. I will know when I put it into my excel sheet. I have had between 6% - 7% for the past 4 months. My account is growing slowly but steadily - I have a small account. I honestly can't believe how well I am doing and it's down to your course and hard work. I was losing before I came across your website. Thanks for the hard work. I really do appreciate the time and effort you put in. I can't speak highly enough of your course! Regards, Scott

    Scott M
  • Hi James, I know it is a bit late but happy New Year, I hope it will be a prosperous and successful one for you and Decisive Trading. Here in South Africa the heat is killing us and it is time to work again. Thanks to Zone Trader I managed to end the year with a higher balance than what I started with. My working year started today and so far I am 4.72% up trading on the EUR/USD and AUD/USD. Struggling a bit with my exit strategy but I am working on it. Anyway, hope all is well over there. Regards, Martin

  • I would like to take the opportunity in thanking you for this course. I have done several courses in the past and I only wish I had come across your's the first time. I could of saved myself alot of money from loosing trades and also courses that gave bad advice or not enough advice.

  • I have passed your details onto friends who have been asking me about what courses I have done in trading and I now only tell them to do your course.

    Once again, thank you very much and hope to see you in Monaco one day and buy a pint for your hard work 🙂

    Kind regards

    Scott McKenzie
  • I’ve been watching all your videos since late last year and decided to get your 5 minute course. It’s a great course, I feel like it’s well worth the money. Wanted to say thanks for taking the time and hard work to put it together!

    I’ll be going through it multiple times to make sure I really get it down.


    Max Maksimov
  • I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say a massive thanks for everything you do to help people like me (beginners) out.
    Since becoming a decisive trading subscriber and taking the course on how to trade the 5 minute FTSE timeframe, my trading has improved a tremendous amount.

    My results are giving me confidence that trading could be a longer term "choice" for me.

    I understand that I still have a long way to go, but wanted to take the time to send you a personal thanks and also to say... Keep up the great work!


    Stuart Mcgreavy
  • I have completed the training course which I think is very good. I really have to give a big thank you in regards to the subscription service you are offering, much appreciated. I'm in my trial period right now and will continue to subscribe as long as you are continuing to offer this kind of service. Outstanding!

    I have learned so much these last 3 days alone. The biggest obstacle for me right now is what you talked about in your latest video. I am following the system to the teeth when it comes to entering the market but I am risking to much in regards to reward. Some of this is due to wanting to make a quick winner and also I am trading a very small account.

    I am really looking forward to your video about prorealtime as I am considering to use it in the near future. I am using IG standard web charts right now and it is not good enough in my opinion.

    Anyways a big thank you from Sweden

    Kind Regards

  • Hi James I recently purchased your course for the 5 minute chart which I have completed I just want to say thank you for putting this course together I found it to be very educational 🙂

    Tony Simpson
  • James thanks for giving some background about yourself. I also appreciate the times you have responded to my emails. Your one hour forex course that I signed up for, has really opened my eyes and has helped me put all the things I have been trying to learn together.

    Even after the large gap that stopped me out of the two trades (two trades that I was already up in) to begin the week. I ended up making all that back up and had a profit of 1%. That's a major improvement for me, because in the past I would have just not traded for awhile or I would have gotten more aggressive trying to make it back. Resulting in an even bigger loss. I just took it in stride and shook it off and then continued looking for sound trading opportunities. I've learned a few things this week, but the most important being that the market doesn't have it in for me and that it isn't personal. It is what it is.

    Listening to your analysis of the ftse 100 each week and taking your 1 hour forex course has given me what I hope will be the foundation of my trading career. The biggest part being not overreacting to what the market does.

    So far the results have been promising.

    Thanks for your efforts,

    Joe, from Florida
  • James Orr's decisive trading course on the 5 minute FTSE was an absolute pleasure to undertake, the itinerary is clearly laid out and has a lovely way of making you feel like you're making good progress as you step through the course. I took notes and memorised certain sections as I plodded through and it took me a good period of time to complete, it isn't too long that you get bored and overwhelmed and it isn't too short that you feel you haven't got your money's worth.

    I come from a share trading background and have always been warned that most day traders fail, I still believe this to be the case but there's a huge difference between "most" and "all". If you are serious about giving day trading a go I would highly recommend this course especially if you are fairly new to the scene as I am. I highly commend James for also replying to my emails and delivering not only his fantastic course but also an exceptional level of service. If anyone is concerned about the small investment in this course, I would simply ask yourself the question are you dedicated to succeeding in this field, if so then it's peanuts. However If you are someone that is just looking for some quick info to make a quick buck probably save your money and put it towards your losses. James a pleasure doing business, look forward to speaking soon.

    Darren, London
  • I would like to share my own experiences upon taking your course,
    And then going on to join your level 1 trading club.

    I was impressed with the overall course content. The lessons are very well thought out and put together, each lesson is explained with : -
    Written Text,
    Videos with Audio Sound,
    Email back up if and when you require it.

    I found the course work easy to work with as the course unfolds, and as I worked my way through with each lesson I started to see what an excellent course James has developed and put together.

    There is a lot of information to take in at first but with time and patience, you will slowly develop your knowledge and the understanding and it will all start to drop into place, as it is tailored to suit all levels beginners up to the more experienced.

    Included in the course are 3 very important lessons on : -
    1 - Money Management,
    2 - The Psychological Side Of Trading,
    3 - Calculated Risk and Targets Percentage,
    These are 3 essential lessons in my opinion, that you will need to understand going forward to achieve your goals in the future.

    My summary is : -

    This is a golden opportunity if you are prepared to work at it and stick to the rules.
    Discipline and patience are the keys to Success and a wiliness to learn.
    I took the training course and then went on to join the level one trading club where you receive a morning review video accompanied by written text sent by email before the market opens each day Monday to Friday.

    With all the training videos posted up on you tube, couple all of this up with your course work, and level one trading club, there is wealth of information at your finger tips to drive you forward on your trading journey.

    James is a Great Teacher, who never sits back and is constantly improving and moving forward.
    A Genuine, Honest, Sincere Guy, who will go the extra mile, to help, guide, teach and train you.

    Keep up the Good Work,

    Happy Trading,

  • First I'd like to say thanks for putting the videos out there on Youtube, which of course naturally lead me to Decisive Trading as a complete utter beginner. I watched 1 beginner video in the playlist and instantly said to myself ‘this guy is good and easy to understand’ ‘maybe he’s no bullish*tter like the majority’ …. Every individual resonates differently with people for different reasons in life and myself coming across James just felt A-ok from the get-go! Leading on after watching the entire playlist within a few days i was instantly wanting to know more! This of course leading me to seeking James’s opinion on my current situation being on the other side of the world and the time different challenges i would experience if choosing to pursue. James, when asked for his opinion given my circumstances instantly talked me AWAY from his 5 minute timeframe course and said Youtube should be sufficient enough to learn at my own pace. However, after numerous days of pulling my hair out asking myself ‘why isn’t this guy feeding me and encouraging me to purchase his course from him’ ??? I found this crazy but also a great feeling that James actually may be genuine and bloody brilliant! I went ahead anyway and purchased the course out of curiosity. Iv found the entire course excellent value and very easy to understand and follow. James has a natural ability to teach very well and any beginner people that consider James’s course’s in the future will also no doubt have the exact same opinion and understanding as i do after taking the leap forward to educate themselves more with Trading. My trading is constantly progressing with my diary being updated on every trade i take. Also the more I’m continuing with consistency the more things are beginning to make sense as James states in his course 🙂 Im hoping James continues to add more and more awesome content into the course has he originally promised from the start and has already shown it just recently 😀 All the best & happy trading. Regards

    Craig Sanders
  • Hi Mr Orr, I have gone through the Zone Trader Course and have back tested historical data for about 2 years on the AUD/USD. I must say that I have learned a lot and realized what mistakes I have made and honestly some of them are simply too embarrassing to mention to you to but I just want to say how thankful I am for what you have done for me. Over the period I have tested I managed to get a 85.6% efficiency rate which is much more than I could ever hope for. Martin

    Martin Van Staden
  • I am so happy I found your website and did your course. I have been trading demo accounts and very small accounts on forex for a while trailing different methods. I can honestly say so far your system is the best you can just see it working time after time. I am one month in and 112.8 points up as of yesterday for the month of September. Thanks again.

    Warren Russell
  • We're having positive results since your candle indicators (we use the on-chart type), with over the last 7 days traded, out of 209.7 points, we've had a loss of 21.7, so taken 188 points. That's an 89.65% conversion. Without a doubt James, we wouldn't have even given trading the FTSE a second thought if we hadn't come across your course. Please do feel free to share this information with your social media, we can only speak highly of your teaching methods. Catch you soon.

    Guy Leyland
  • Hi James Just took the 14:15 Piercing pattern, targeting the MA200 and it worked a treat!!

    I marked the zone in as a key zone using the green arrows just like you do in the mornings. There were a lot of sell signals but resisted based on your morning advise. The morning subscription service is amazing!! Keep up the good work. I’ve doubled my initial trading investment since February using zone trader. I hope that one day I can shake your hand in person and buy you a drink!!! Thanks Michael Hurst
    Michael Hurst